Our Re-Election of President Obama

After President Obama’s re-election, pontification in extremis saturated the airwaves and print media. Some claimed the election was determined by the economy, others, changing demographics. Social media, government payouts, racism, and innovative get-out-the-vote efforts have been thrown into the mix. Others simply say Obama communicated a more appealing role of government than Romney. I don’t think any of these were the dominant reason the election went the way it did. And now that emotions have calmed and this discussion is yesterday’s news, I want to give you my view and why I believe it.

I think Obama won the election primarily because his culture was more appealing to most Americans. Obama communicates fun thoughtfulness, empathy with a smile, strength with a hug. His family would be the Focus on the Family model if they were Republicans. Since President Obama beat the odds of being raised by a single mom and grandparents, and still became the President of the United States, he models American opportunity. When he was younger he smoked, drank, used drugs, and enjoyed the girls, while at the same time excelled in school. Many people relate to some portion of that, and some admire it. He’s competent and hip, both at the same time. He’s just as relaxed speaking to a joint session of congress or to a foreign leader as he is to David Letterman, Jon Stewart, the ladies on The View, or Conan O’Brian. He’s pleasant.

Romney, on the other hand, avoided the pop culture media outlets for good reasons. He and his message were way too serious to be discussed in those formats, and he doesn’t connect with the culture of those shows. He doesn’t watch them. He doesn’t drink Coke, coffee, smoke, drink alcohol, or lust. We’ve all had pastors, teachers, or principals who were responsible like Romney in our lives. These are our authority figures who are concerned about how our decisions will negatively impact our future. They are right, but we are not so relaxed with them or smile so warmly seeing them. Having to talk to them at the supermarket is slightly awkward, and it would actually seem mildly gross to see them shirtless on a beach.

But not Obama. He comes across like a friend. He bothers people who are too serious. He makes us Republicans appear grumpy. He would be loads of fun to vacation with, is relaxed on the beach, but can kill, without hesitation, the Osama Bin Ladens of the world. I’m not discussing his specific political philosophies or governance decisions here, because I don’t think they were the determining factors in the election. I’m talking about the way he connects as a person. Obama coming to a barbeque at the house would be fun. If Romney were coming, we would have to paint, clean, upgrade, and improve. They communicate different auras. I believe this subjective intangible is what determined the election.

We Republicans were convinced that no one could win re-election with the unemployment rate, excessive government spending and national debt all sky high. We thought the ties to left-wing socialists and the sluggish recovery made a wholesome responsible businessman like Romney a sure winner. We drone on and on about particulars that don’t matter to many. Those specifics feel like “make your bed,” “brush your teeth,” and “do your homework” so your future will be bright, facts. These facts don’t feel relevant to daily American life because we are not having to pay back our debt right now, and the food stamps and unemployment checks spend just like real money.

I am sensitive to the reality that facts don’t really matter in certain situations because of the misrepresentations to the general public of my 2006 scandal. They said I spoke weekly with President Bush. I didn’t. They reported that I was a hateful preacher. I wasn’t. They said that I was a televangelist. I’m not. They said I had an adulterous “relationship.” I didn’t. They reported that I was a political activist. Never. I could go on and on but it would bore you because. . . facts don’t always matter. I was not innocent of wrongdoing, but it was the imagery and drama that stirred emotion, drew attention, landed my story on the front page and formed opinion. I had to accept the reality that the facts of my story were not necessarily relevant because I had become a symbol in people’s minds. The information that conflicted with the accepted story line felt like irrelevant minutia. I actually had a journalist tell me he didn’t want to talk to any primary sources in my story because it might influence his reporting.

I do not believe this last election was determined by hard realities, but by symbolism, world-view, philosophy, feeling, and culture. This realization is important to all of us in church leadership. Church growth experts tell us that 90% of Americans who choose to attend a church do not base their decision on the core message of the church, or its creed, but rather on the way the church makes them feel. The culture of the church is the dominate factor. I think we probably choose our spouses, grocery stores, hair salons, malls and athletic events based more on culture than we realize . . . and I believe, this is what resulted in our re-election of President Obama.

By tedhaggardblog

Ted Haggard is the Sr. Pastor of St. James Church in Colorado Springs, CO and founding pastor of New Life Church and past president of the National Association of Evangelicals. He is the husband of Gayle, and the father of Christy, Marcus, Jonathan, Alex and Elliott.

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Good job Ted. I am also reminded what Daniel said to one of the Persian Kings in the Book of Daniel. It is God who chooses kings and puts them on their thrones. This is paraphrased of course. God chose Obama to be elected as President of the United States, maybe giving us what we as a country deserve, not what we need. I found that none of the people running for that office were real Christian Believers. I find it hard to put my trust in a person running for president who does not publically or privately show they are Christ like. All I could do is pray that God, the Lord Jesus Christ, put the person he wanted into that office of President of the United States. And trust that God would take care of us, his people, regardless of who he puts there.

We as Christians should be praying earnestly for the 2016 Presidentual Election starting now that God would raise up a King David to be our President. Talking about a man (or woman) after God’s heart. Not some one looking to be President, but someone like King David, who will do the job right because they were appointed by God and Anointed by God to do that job.

I agree with almost all you said but The Obama phone, is a big reason he was re-elected… Government hand outs. the 47% Romney talked about.

Don, If every person got the Obama phone voted for Obama to be President; He would have been kicked out of the white and not re-elected…You talk foolery! It was all the whites that sit in the highly elected seats that said he is the man for the job!

Ted, I appreciate your comments, but on this one I believe the above statement, in my view was more of the real reason. “changing demographics. Social media, government payouts, racism, and innovative get-out-the-vote efforts have been thrown into the mix. Others simply say Obama communicated a more appealing role of government than Romney.”

The statistics or facts tell the truth.
I love you, brother. Rodney

Don’t think be lies. Be DOES LIE!!! That is the truth. Every damn word outta his mouth is a lie…exept when he thinks our enemies are gonna become our friends. WHAT A JOKE HE HAS MADE OF OUR BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY. 🙁

Romney is the Church Lady. And so are Republicans. And that is NOT responsible. And that is NOT good.

On Tue, Nov 27, 2012 at 12:30 PM, Ted Haggard wrote:

> ** > tedhaggardblog posted: “After President Obama’s re-election, > pontification in extremis saturated the airwaves and print media. Some > claimed the election was determined by the economy, others changing > demographics. Social media, government payouts, racism, and innovative > get-out-“

Fully agree. A radio icon of our day referred to it as Santa Claus view of our current president and Dennis Prager as well and you are saying change hearts change outcomes. Events drive this culture, I believe it will take an event or a series of painful events for change to break through to people. Most people live and learn rather than learn and live life , thankfully we can drink deeply of Fathers grace in times like that.
Thanks Ted!! Cheers!

Very well thought out and very well stated. None of the talking heads in the news were looking at things from this perspective and neither were a lot of “us” but I think you’ve pointed out what should have been obvious.

There is a cool and hip factor to Obama that neither McCain had. The most-likely as you very plainly stated helped him with certain demographics.

However I don’t think you can reduce the outcome of the campaign to just the fact that he would be fun to invite to a backyard barbecue. I think it’s a little presumptuous and mildly offensive to American voters.

I do agree that Romney had a problem connecting with the American people, largely the Middle Class. It wasn’t because Americans don’t want a leader who doesn’t look good with their shirts off at the beach. It’s the fact Romney has a certain narritive and history that he couldn’t excape from. From buying his wife Cadillacs to telling college kids to borrow money from their parents. From his track record of firing employees at Bain and send their job over-seas to publicly categorizing 47% of Americans as “dependent on Government”.

This is Mitt’s narrative. It’s not that he’s a stiff leader who is all business. It’s the fact that he’s a stiff, politician who shot off his mouth and had a track record of alienating himself from his base.

I am convinced that Obama didn’t win this election by persuading voters, but that Romney lost this election by his narrative, rhetoric and poor strategy.

Excellently said! The Santa Claus comment from a radio leader after the election and Dennis Prager both talked about changing hearts – changes results. People in general only change or are open to change through an event of life (or series of events). I believe there will be a series of events that will open hearts up to change. Christians have to be willing to speak into those events with peace, joy, wisdom, kindness… and sow change in people lives. But many Christians and non-Christians tend to live and learn rather than learn and live while the first can be painful it seems that many do change because of it…but only when there is that hand up of love, wisdom and tenacious patience. The question is will we be ready to speak? You are…so…keep speaking out Ted!
Cheers! Stephen

I think you are right on with the observation that facts don’t matter. It is almost a cult of personality. It is all image and branding. It is all about feeling. I think a lot of that feeling is without critical reasoning. Remember Edward Bernays, Propaganda.

I think there are other observations too. There was a lot of voter fraud. People not eligible to vote were shepherded to the polls. One person admitted voting 6 times. Perhaps that is standard for elections now.

Also, the demographics have changed. The Hispanic population had increased dramatically over the years. Many of them vote for what puts money in their pockets in the form of free services. I’ve seen interviews from some who say they just want what they can get from us and that doesn’t include citizenship.

Finally, I can see that government is not functional anymore. Representatives do not represent. Look at the number who have gone back on their promise to not raise taxes. Why take an oath if you are not going to keep it? The supreme court is more interested in the legislative branch saving face, than interpreting the Constitution. Roberts decision on the Obama care mandate is a clear violation of the Constitution. In essence, no the government can’t force you to buy a product or service, but they can punish you if you don’t.

Facts really don’t matter that much. Any good sales person will tell you, it is always about eliciting feeling. :>D

I like your cult of personality response and find it to be true. I also agree that the Hispanic population has increased and is now the number one minority group in our country, however we need to be careful about stereotyping them all together as well, lest we (as a white male) be judged as a wealthy pompous hypocritic bigot only out for what puts money in my pocket.

Thanks Galen. I thought about that, so I said the word “many.” It is true that many of them do. Of course not all of them do. I specifically did not want to stereotype. There are a lot of Hispanics that do not look a it that way. :>D

I agree with many of your points. A multitude of factors came together to help reelect him, but you have emphasized a truth about feelings that has become apparent in our culture. More importantly you further applied that truth to the local churches that we seek to join. Has the battle for the Church become Truth vs feelings? Feelings are wide, Truth is a narrow way.

Truth is a narrow way, but the way it is presented counts!! That is why I believe it is so very important to listen to how and when to share as well as what to share. Jesus was disliked for the truths He spoke and not for the way He came across to the “common people.” That is because they liked and trusted Him–He spoke Father God’s heart as well as His mind. I believe that is what is missing in “the church today”–when godly people speak with His heart and mind, we will be received by those who would receive Jesus,

I actually enjoyed reading this having been skeptical at first thinking it would be another right wing thrashing with no respect for our President wether you agree with him or not. I am a bleeding and would rather have that than no heart at all. Had Mr. Romney won I would have shown him equal respect even though I did not vote fir him. I might not agree with his religion or his view on the poor, but I still think he is a good man. I hope that both side will compromise so things that are good for America can get accomplished. We are a very generous country and when we do well our generosity overflows to other less fortunate countries.

Very insightful and have never heard anyone speak about it from that perspective. I think you may be right. Keep blogging I thoroughly enjoy your reads!

Yep, I call that particular thing about our culture “being hoodwinked”. Great article. I have to keep reminding myself that God is in control and we don’t always fully see how events play into His plan. Take the cross, for example. At that time in history they thought it was the worst thing that had ever happened…

Sousa has the president pegged and the conservatives agreed, but the liberals are and were like the elderly of yesterday who are swayed by the dependency on the government. The elderly it was SS and medicare, to the liberals who are on the government dependency it was fear of tomorrows paycheck. Both liberals and conservatives do have one thing in common and that is fear. Both need to embrace scripture where it tells all to fear God and not man.

For me, and those I’m close to, Obama won our votes because he showed Christian values of love for fellow man, and he lives Christian values in his family and personal life. The distortions about him being not Christian, not American, not patriotic, those were put out there to win an election, not because they were true. Look at what he’s done, who he cares about with his actions–that tells you where his heart is.

Isabel,then why do an overwhelming majority of non believers identify with him and worship the ground he walks on? Why has he distanced America from Israel and Great Britain?

I think more people would have fun at Obama’s BBQ, and more people would be nervous and afraid about doing the wrong thing at Romney’s BBQ. But the strange thing is, I can totally see Obamas BBQ inviting Romneys friends over to join the party, but I have a hard time seeing Romneys crowd inviting the Obama party over for dinner. Conservative values have gotten way to serious and don’t really represent much of this generation. For some reason that seriousness fosters all kinds of fear that the whole country is going to go to hell in a hand basket, and that fear just ruins the party and separates people. Who wants to go to that party? Doing the right thing doesn’t mean you cant have fun and enjoy the company. What is America anyway? Is it the economy, or the politics, or the GDP? Isn’t it about we the people? Doing whats right for America is a party that everyone is invited to every day. No matter what the knuckleheads in Washington are doing we can live out our ideologies in our own neighborhoods and in our own backyards. That’s the beauty of freedom. I think we can do a lot more for our country if we could just relax and enjoy other people, and stop being so afraid. We’re all in this together.

I’m 43 and Obama doesn’t represent anything about me. He represents Hollywood celebrities,rap artists and welfare queens. The generation under me,the ones that are still living at home with mama are the ones who voted him in. And the “have nots” that want what the “haves” have.

Where do I start…First & foremost I’m a facts and past performance investigator. Romney was a NEW FACE. Obama, was somewhat familiar face. Obama’s track record for abortion, big Partial Birth proponent, raised with Muslim parents…a muslim. Obama’s past friends; Bill Agers, wife did prison time for domestic terrorism, Frank Marshall Davis, practically raised Obama & mentored him, his Pastor Jeremiah Wright, very mean spirited and HATES AMERICA, (just watch his videos, real time evidence), Chicago Politician. The main reason Obama wob is, the reality of how he was portrayed or wasn’t portrayed by the MAIN STREAM MEDIA. The final week before the election, the media gave Obama over 47% of the airtime while Romney only received 15% of airtime.
Lastly, Obama plainly took advantage of peoples ignorance, in the area of not knowing the real, socialistic, anti-military, anti-business, anti-marriage Obama.
All of these facts can only be substantiated by his track record of; D.A.D.T, saying live on T.V. he totally supports gay marriage & Pro Choice, supports federal funding of Planned Parenthiid, etc. So Obama really did take advantage of what we did NOT know he really stood for…he is a huge phony & a lot of people bought the lies.
I wont even get into all of the voter fraud that happened & is still coming forth through certain investigations. He only win Ohio by 332,000 votes.
May Truth & Justice ALWAYS prevail!

I think the last commenter just called me ignorant, or did I misinterpret that? And he doesn’t even know me, where I come from, my hurts, disappointments, failures or successes. He doesn’t know what makes me tick, or the confluence of factors that have shaped who I am. Nor do I know him. His post gives me a glimpse into where he comes from and I do respect his thinking and opinions, even though I might not agree with them. And I can truly respond to him and others, who might be on a different cultural and spiritual wavelength, with love. I know know you, but for Christ’s sake, I really do love you no matter what.

Joe, not necessarily “ignorant” but sheep-like. The Bible does liken us to “sheep” – easily led, easy to get lost, cute but rather dumb. Many Americans, if not most, are like sheep politically and culturally. The majority of sheep chose their shepherd – regardless of if he’s leading them over a cliff. Sheep follow their shepherd and listen to his voice. I heard so many interviews of those voting (especially younger people) and they knew nothing of the issues, “the confluence of factors that shape” the President’s views, or really what’s going on in our nation or around the world. The sheeple are swayed by what they hear from Hollywood and the major liberal media outlets and leftist magazines and empty promises that will benefit them. I love the sheep – I will pray for their shepherd.

BTW Pastor, thank you for the forum your blog and opinion about the election created that allowed us to freely express our opinions! 😉

Americans have been primed–hardcore–to accept a foolish notion that we are merely hours away from impending doom from which we must be saved. The results of the past election are a reflection of our fear of what we think we can’t control. And where we are is precisely what we are when we are at our worst, our weakest.

Hello there,
Too Much to respond to in detail, but I’ll try to reply in no particular order to key points already posted.
. Romney did not get as much media air time bcz he hid from the mainstream media while simultaneously blasting it, and thought that superpac airtime saturation would win the day
. I have visited churches in half of the states in the USA, and others in five continents; and heard evangelical/charismatic Pastors make controversial remarks; but that did not make them, any member of the congregation, or the church they attend unChristian. Has your Pastor ever said something radical you did not agree with? Have Republicans running for office ever said racially coded or other offensive comments?
. PBO is Christian and not Muslim, and his focus is on those who have little rather than on those who have much. It is OK if you disagree, but he got reelected on it and that does not not make him a demon, nonChristian, or unAmerican.
. In America you can not legislate or lord your religion or religious values upon others, nor can you legislate civil cooperation of your beliefs over others. Our democratic form of freedom includes the right to believe in any religion, not to believe in any religion, and not have another’s religion forced upon you.
. America’s cultural started to decline long before PBO was in office and continued with Republicans as Prez too. If the gospel does not have the power to turn people’s hearts or our country from their wicked ways, is the ‘message’ the problem or the way we preach, practice and promote it the issue?
. Christian leaders like Franklin Graham who damn America & curse those who did not vote for Romney, and out of the same mouth say they will pray for POTUS forget James 3:1-12; and in turn alienate the lost, and even some of their same faith
. The Republican Party apparatus knew they could lie to, mislead, misrepresent facts, and manipulate the church to gain their vote. Check Pew research on why the number of ppl of faith is diminishing the past 20 years: reasons include the church’s grab for control, power, money, and politics.
. Born & raised in the USA, having served in the USNavy; I am about to retire after working 54 years in America, paying into Social Secuirty starting at the age of 12. I never lived on government programs, my Mom was born in Puerto Rico so I am Hispanic, and I am certainly not looking for gifts or a handout in my senior years. I deserve nothing less than to reap what I sowed thru hard work and I voted for PBO. That expectation and that vote does not mean I don’t fear God or make me less Christian or less American than any one else, especially not less than those who sit in self-appointed judgement over their country and their brothers and sisters who voted likewise. Shalom.

It is an interesting article. But I didn’t vote for Obama because he was cool. SInce I haven’t lived in the USA for the last 6 years I cannot tell you what influenced other voters. But I do believe our culture is a feel good culture, lead down this path by the church. I was asked a couple of time by Europeans why we claimed to be a Christian nation but live a life contrary to the teachings Jesus such taking care of the poor, needy like children or taking care of Gods creation. That we consume for ourselves and not give back. It was interesting on election night looking at Romney’s mostly whiten crowd crying and Obama’s diverse crowd cheering. Or was that a trick by the media?

Well Susan it sounds like you’re ready for that New World Order. It really sounds like Obama relates to the poor,playing golf with Tiger Woods,vacationing in Hawaii while the taxpayers foot the bill. You apparently hold a grudge against the white man.

Of course one doesn’t have to do drugs to relate to the American people. It’s as simple as this: a successful candidate must be able to run a good campaign. Two months prior to the election, pundits on both sides of the aisle were saying that Romney was running the worst presidential campaign they had ever seen. Charges against him went unanswered…he let the President off the hook on so many issues…he made a poor effort to attract minority votes…he did a horrible job building coalitions,…he wanted so much to appear presidential that he played it too safe. His veep choice was okay…except that Ryan couldn’t even carry his own state. Nor could Romney for that matter! Choosing Marco Rubio as his running mate could have garnered him the Latino vote — plus the state of Florida! It was heartbreaking to see a man of Romney’s ability fumble the ball so badly.

And please don’t tell me it was because the church wasn’t praying!

Clem, even your use of the word “fundamentalist” smacks of demonizing and marginalizing a large portion of our society – some pollsters say 75 to 85 million evangelicals in the United States. So, let me understand you, for a person who believes the Bible (the “fundamentals” of the faith) and wants to stand on that truth, then we are “extremists” and “right-wingers.” There is no such thing as “keeping your personal beliefs to yourself” as you claim or you wouldn’t be writing to try to persuade us or make your particular point of view. Politics is ALL about persuasion – in spite of the truth and facts. The media labeled The Tea Party “extremist” and “ultra-right-wing” but thought the Occupy Wallstreeters were “progressive” and had valid points of view. At the Democratic Convention, the majority wanted to eliminate the words “God” and “Jerusalem” from their platform. Is that trying “to define their party?” If conservative values and traditional policies and Christian concerns are not part of the Republican Platform, then let’s just all have a one-party system, hold hands, and sing Kum Ba Yah – that is, if that song is not too extreme for fundamentalist or you.

The concept of fundamentalism is fundamental to the issue at hand. The idea of being a Christian Politician is an oxymoron because a Christian cannot compromise and a politican must. Refusing to compromise is where extremism occurs, as it reduces the elected officials’ ability to govern and per his/her oath of office, represent people of all faiths; so in turn it reduces the efficacy of a democratic government. The extremism is in not in what you believe but in how you govern by representing all views of the electorate, and knowing where and when you need to compromise; instead of stubbornly standing on the ground of only your beliefs while excluding all other possibilities you were elected to consider.

I would much rather have Romney over to my house! Obama is conceited and doesn’t share my values. If Obama came to a BBQ, he’d only want to talk about himself.

I don’t agree in total that this is the reason Romney lost. The reason Romney lost is because the media WANTED Obama to win. The media painted Romney as an uptight, selfish, boorish rich guy. I think Obama disrespected the office by making late night appearances and ignoring what was going on in the Middle East so he could be re-elected. I think Obama wants our country to be socialistic. He would not be welcome in my home.

What this proved is that if you have the media on your side, you WILL win the election regardless of who you are or what you stand for.

I believe you prove TheRevs point re perception bcz it turns out more folks feel that it was Romney himself that painted the picture that he was a cold & calculating biz guy that did not care for the working class, only the upper crust. Both campaigns had equal access to the media and to the airwaves; so blaming the media for his loss is like blaming Christie or Sandy for Romneys failure.

If the Republican message was so compelling & compassionate, and as their flagbearer he was was so wonderful a communicator; he would have won with or without the media, hurricane, demographics, or any other potential or perceived roadblock. Romney dug his own grave by trying to bypass the media in three ways that backfired; which in turn showed that he may be able to manage a biz but not a campaign.

First he avoided all mainstream media appearances that every other Prez candidate attended. That itself became a story he handfed to the media. By not appearing it reinforced speculation that he was aloof, not able to relate, and that he had something to hide.
The second approach to bypass the media and at the same time use it that also backfired was use of the media to run ads, funded by superpac $$$; giving Repubs a clear advertising advantage. They saturated the airwaves to the point it was deafening. In addition, the messages in those ads gave even more material for the media to talk about without any dialogue with or rebuttal by Romney himself; so media folks like Rush or Fox were left to defend/explain which gave yet more fodder for all other media outlets to talk about. The Romney campaign then hid Ryan from the media, which poured more fuel on the fire.
The third was the use of the media for debates. When Romney won the first debate, there were no media complaints, but when he lost the next three, it was not his fault it was the moderator representing the media, even though he alienated them as mentioned above.
Net/net is that Romney mismanaged the use of the media which allowed that channel to focus on his mismanagement and mixed messages. So again, the media is the message, and Romeny met the real media enemy, himself!

Ted, I dont believe that Obama was elected just because he appealed to our culture taste bud. I believe that he appealed to a way of life that despite or differences we can live in a more ecumenical society. Like many of us Obama has flaws. But the bible does say that “all have sinned and come short”(Roman 3:23) and from what I remember one of Isreal great Leader King David had a few yet he was till known as a man after God own heart. I dont believe that growing pain such as (i.e. he smoked, drank, used drugs, and enjoyed the girls, but excelled in school) in your youth disqualify you from becoming the person God called you to be. To suggest that because Romney doesnt drink soda, or coffee makes him more moral than the next man shallow. Now to say he has never “lusted” is to say he has never breathed we all have a lust or a desire for something that at times may not be of God or good for us, wheather its a sneaker bar, ice cream, a women that is not wife every man is tempted when he is draw away by his own lust (James 1;14). If we are transparent we all have battles. Who are we to judge what a man has done in life after he has repented for those thing “I am he who blout out your trangression and for my sake I will not remember your sin (Isaiah 43:25). You said it best when you said the statisitic dont tell the whole story so mybe we should apply that to the reality of the times. We live in a diverse country yet we are hinged on prejudices that we on both side of the track have enbedded in us….. If God is in control why as we believe he is why cant this election be a example of him doing what best for us?

Blessing thanks for the post

It is amazing how in the last two Prez elections, so many evangelical Christians became instantly qualified to sit in judgement over another persons heart & relationship with God, and do so with such anger.
And how is it that those Christians can rally around a select set of Biblical values when it comes to getting their way in politics, yet can’t get to that same place for all of their Christian principles to become one heart as a church? Instead they form many religions and denominations that can’t get along with each other. Even the non-denominational church has devolved to be a denomination.
Do you think the world is watching how the evangelical church has handled itself during the election and behaving after it?
I pray that the Holy Spirit heals the pain that has stirred such anger, refreshes the bride with a new dose of compassion, grace, and mercy; and does not judge the priests & saints in anger as some have done over our duly and democratically elected President.

Ted – great thoughts. Thanks for your honesty. To piggy back (or add to) your comments, in my mind, I believe President Obama was re-elected strictly because of money. If you listen to all of his promises, they ALL boil down to “I will make you prosperous!” We Americans – Christian and non-Christian alike – enjoy our “stuff” and Obama promised “more stuff” in his first campaign, then apologized for not having the time to fulfill those promises in his first term, and so he claimed he will now fulfill them in his second term. We will all be “better off” and “more prosperous” then we were before. It is a campaign promise built solely on selfishness and the promise of money. And, for we believers, it comes down to where we place our REAL hope – on God – or manna. I believe America, as a whole, showed her true colors in this recent election.

To be real, both candidates were promising”gifts”to their “base”; they just had different target audiences.
Matthew 25:35,36,40,45
For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.
“The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me. “He will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me. ’

I respect Pastor Teds’ thoughts and views on this because they come from his heart and that is the heart of God. Everything that Ted has written is truth. I have not heard anyone mention this but the bible says in Romans 13:1, “Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.” It is rebellion to argue now that Obama is in office. He was established into that position yet again for another 4 years. We must accept that and pray for our president and not persecute him. God wants his heart and if another 4 years serving this country is how He will get it, then that is up to God.

My dear Ted, I’m a Republican who voted for President Obama AGAIN for he represented to me the America that sees the rest of the world as subjects and not objects of our vision of the future. Secondly, I voted for him for he represents a view that makes sense to the poor and disenfranchised in our nation. Finally, I voted for Obama for as a follower of Jesus, I seek to love ALL specially those who are not like me. Your analysis is way too patronizing. You know that I love you.

Great comments, you are correct about what you stated. About Obama and Romney. we must keep prayiing for our country so absolute truths will prevail in our Country thanks for your ministry

Ted..your comments are graceful and well spoken. Those of us who cherish a strong and communicating multi-party system can only hope that words like yours are being heard and understood for what they are by those in decision-making roles.
I’m fascinated by the responses here, and how they often mirror many of the comment strings that follow posts about “Ted Haggard.” It is as if some precious nugget of scorn and contempt must be preserved; like “my” preconceptions and fears are so truth-based they cannot, must not be challenged. We are asked to look at ourselves in the mirror and all we see is a shadow, and mistake it for who we really are. So we go on carrying the burdens of misinformation, unforgiveness, and suspicion around with us as precious cargos.
Anyway, thanks, Ted. You’ve helped me very much to understance repentance and forgiveness, and mistakes I had made in understanding both.

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