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Dear Pastor Ted,
I follow you on Twitter and try to absorb as much of your knowledge as I can. I have to say that If anyone is a Martyr it’s you. How you can teach tue same religion that as osterisized you is a miracle in its own right. How do you keep from losing faith? For years you taught of forgiveness and rebirth which is inpart the teachings of being born again then when It was your turn instead of being forgiven and born again you were slaughtered and crucified like Jesus. You did ten tons of good and a pound of bad, wheres your forgiveness and forget? Your rebirth. Personally whether you are a pastor,dr., or cashier, what happened was noones business except you and Mrs. Haggard. I am a catholic but I am behind you 100%
Love you,
PS: How would you charge me to be baptized..






Pastor S.H.
From the Islands

Ted I have followed your story from day one and have seen your precious restored family on talk shows.I can truthfully say I am in awe of the beautiful,loving transparent family you are.My kind paramedic daughter got own meth,due todeep losses in life and committed fraud.This hour I had just talked to her as she cryed and cried at humiliating things she has suffered from people…spitting in her face and more.She said…mama I just wonder if my life is so broken that it can’t ever be fixed…she said like when I would come up on an accident and their was this big hole with blood oozing out and I would try to cram anything into the hole so I could save their life long enough to put an IV in….sometimes I could and sometimes no matter how hard I tried they were too broken to fix.After we talked someone posted an article of yours which I want my daughter to read.So happy ypu have a church,I would go there if I lived there.I want my daughter to read everything you or your wife has written.I was just praying that I wish you could minister to my daughter because you would no exactly how she feels.Pray and if you are ever in Greenville SC wish she could talk to you.You and your family are a blessing to the body of Christ more than ever!!love Rita

I just read the book your wife wrote and am very blessed by what God is doing in your lives. Have to say it is unbelievable what those “restorers” and henchmen did to your family and the believers in your church…..and then called it discipline….what book were they using as guideline….the Quran maybe? If there is one thing needed in the church in general, it is the Holy Spirit…..being led to the cross is the way to glory in a sure fashion. God bless you both……what a blessing the book is!


I read your blog. I must admit, I was quite moved.

Crazy thing, this internet. Cuts both ways. It managed to cut you – most likely the death of a thousand cuts – but it also allowed me a peek into your private thoughts. And I must say, Ted, you are not the pious puppet I envisioned. Quite the contrary. You seem to be a delightful human being.

Ted, the message you imparted in your blog – one of inclusion and acceptance and forgiveness – is incredibly powerful. Eminently more powerful than shame-based vitriol being spewed from the pulpit.

Your words were raw, unfiltered, and for the most part, unembellished by god-speak. (You did get a little jesussy at the end . . . old habits, I guess.) I appreciate your candor. You made yourself vulnerable; you made yourself genuine. In so doing, you made yourself heard.

I’ve got to confess, this is a bit surreal. I never thought I’d be writing a “nice” note to Ted Haggard. I’m not on your team, Ted. I don’t share your belief in God. I’m an atheist. I guess that puts me on Team People as opposed to Team Jesus.

As the unelected captain of Team People, I would like to unofficially issue you a Unconditional Pardon. Included with that is an open invitation to join Team People. Our community, for the most part, is comprised of liberal minded folks that judge people by the content of their character – not by the arcane proscriptions of an ancient culture.

You’ll have to pardon my preachiness . . . I can lapse into my Richard Dawkins’ rhetoric at the drop of a hat.

Ted, this has been fun. I hope that you take this in the light-hearted manner of which it was intended. For what it’s worth, this heathen thinks you are a good father, a good husband, and a helluva good man.

I lived in COS at the time of your scandal (sorry about that word, it’s the one you used – not my first choice). As an atheist, I must admit, I delighted in your fall. In my myopic view, I saw your loss as a win for my team. I never stopped to calculate the cost of your dignity, nor the immeasurable humiliation heaped upon your family.

For this, I apologize. Your words – your courage to expose your regrets and recriminations – your humanity – has touched me.

I do not ask God to forgive me; I ask you.

Thanks for listening.

Perry Broxson


Thanks for letting me listen in on your note to Ted. I enjoy your sense of humor and your candid caring attitude for a fellow human.

All things beautiful in His time,

Kathi Wallace
Ecclesiastes 3:11

Dear Pastor Ted,
As you always preached to us, stick and stones can break our bones, but, words can never hurt us. Sometimes that is true, other times we want to crawl in a big hole and give up. You and I are not quiter’s! I got online to ask you something; then, I read this article you wrote. It breaks my heart that people can be so cruel. I’ve know you for many years and I love you very much, just about as much as God love’s you. I don’t think anyone has that much love, that is, the love that God has for us all. But, we daily try to show that love and, there are times it’s very hard to do.

I wanted to ask you and the church this coming Sunday, to not only pray for the families of those that were killed today in Ct. but, also, the first responders and the men and women that have to keep going into the school to study the crime scene. The bodies are still there, parents are still waiting to hold their child love on them and not have to think that they are all still in that school. The responders and ambulance EMT’s, the special forces, CSI, autopsy MD’s, I could go on and on. So many will see this scene forever… etched into their minds. Lets remember to pray for them all. Also, the family of the shooter. They are hurting too. So much evil and no one to blame but us humans! Keep your chin up Pastor, so many people love you and pray for you daily. Even those of us that live in Iowa! May God guide and bless you always,
Helen Gillette

Dear Ted,

Yesterday I sat was channel surfing on our pay TV service when I came across the beginning of “The Trials of Ted Haggard” on the Crime Investigation channel of all places. From the outset I was transfixed by the story being told. As a distant memory I can recall hearing of your fall from grace even in far away New Zealand. What encouraged me was the way you fought for forgiveness and grace for yourself and from others. I was astounded at how you were treated by the church. The Church is a beautiful Bride but the church can be as ugly as, and you have experienced the ugly. The doco left things hanging and left me wondering what happened next. So I googled and found the St James site and watched the beginning of St James.

That impressed me and as an aside rewrote the theme I have been working on for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Services I am taking. I am always so amazed by the power of God’s grace and get increasingly militant towards those in the church who speak it but by their actions show they have no concept what it means. I have served in the national leadership of our denomination for a number of years and am now out of it as my time of service came to a close. I was privy to the cases of our ministers who made wrong choices and sinned or read a situation wrong and made a pastoral mistake and were facing the discipline of our denomination. The thing that concerns me is how our church’s first response is to speak on behalf of the liability insurance lawyers to manage the risk. That immediately sets up an adversarial model in which a minister is mashed about by powers unseen with the underlying doctrine of eternal guilt and damnation. I have my own story of being tried by the highest court in our church for “conduct unbecoming” due to allegations that were eventually thrown out and those who brought the allegations censured, but it was a very lonely and uncertain period for my family. I have come nowhere near your road of redemption but I know how hard it is to forgive sometimes.

Enough of all that. Thank you for sharing your journey. I have been encouraged and uplifted by both yourself and also by Christ at work, the Master of Grace. Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas (we can still say that here) and a Happy New Year.

Peter Dunn
New Zealand

My dear pastor, I’m from Brazil, and I learned what happened to you. I would say I’m here to ask how did you win this battle? ‘m Solidarity to you and am praying for his return to his mission. I would like to know him personally, but we are a bit far. Quaro you know that the same God who created it also has forgiven you and give you much more than expected and imagined.
“What shall we say then about all things? If God be for us who can be against us?
He who did not spare his Son for our sakes, not with him give us all things?
Who will bring any charge against God’s chosen, it is He who justifies. ”

Romans 8:31 and 32

Dear Pastor,

As I read this blog – my heart felt saddened that you envied the 50% that didn’t return and yet, I understood, my husband and I – on a different failure and much smaller scale resigned our pastoral leadership. It is a sad day when we preach restoration in the invitation of salvation and yet, do not practice it within our own family.

My husband and I have been blessed to follow your restoration from Ocala, Florida and have just given the article from Christianity Today by Michael Cheshire to one of our staff pastors as we begin a home mentoring group for young husbands in the attempt to grow them in Christ, not religion and self righteousness.

As I read of the pain inflicted upon you as you read the internet, I could not help but think that it was the same kind that crucified Christ, watched him die – and all their affliction upon Him brought salvation to us. They may sneer, jeer, and crucify you with their words – all the while God is using your story in ways that you may never know to bring truth to those that have an ear to hear – building the desire in us to be true followers of Christ, not in words alone, but in our actions.

Thanks to you, your wife and children for allowing your story to be open, may God’s peace guard your hearts and minds and may all that HE has purposed for your family come to pass!

Pastor Ted, I simply wanted to let you know what an encouragement you are to so many folks. I watched ‘The Trials of Ted Haggard’ documentary last night and I haven’t been able to shake your story since. To humble yourself the way you did, to continue to move forward no matter what, and all the while maintaining such positivity and joy, you truly demonstrated what is to be a person of faith. The key word there being ‘person’. Just like anyone else, Pastor or not, you are a person. ALL People make mistakes. Luckily, through the grace of God, we are forgiven. I was deeply troubled that your church family shunned you and offered no grace or forgiveness. Still, you kept on keepin’ on … AMen, brother!

I couldn’t let the night pass without letting you know how much your story moved and inspired me.

Pastor Ted, I just got done reading your most recent blog post…ABSOLUTELY love it. Totally agree with you…we MUST be careful not to be judging others as if “WE” are some great Christian and everyone else is a worthless sinner…without Jesus and what He did for us we are ALL worthless sinners. He is the Key Factor NOT us…without Him we can do nothing…I liked your blog post so much that I posted it on my Facebook page (giving you the credit as the author of course). Here is the link if you want to check it out:

The Lord bless & keep you always,
Gregg Huestis

God bless you ted Happy to get your e mail not a real blogger but as a minister I would like to encourage you in ypur ministry How is our mutial friend Dr. rudy > you mentioned coming to calif.When – wheree I de like to attend ?God bless you Woody carr

I have heard of your situation. I have not read or listened to the details in depth. I plan to, however. What I have read is mostly positive responses. My red flags go up when I only hear a lot of one side of the story. I plan on reading Mrs. Haggards book. I am very skeptical as I have lived through a very similar situation. When I read her book I hope to be able to feel the pain she went through. No one can understand the feeling of this kind of betrayal unless you have experienced it. If I don’t “feel” what she went through from her book it will confirm to me that something is very, very wrong with this situation and that God is not in the middle of it, but is standing on the sidelines shaking His head. If that is the case I feel very, very sad for all involved. I was going through my situation close to the same time that you were. So I am very in tune to how the healing process should have worked. Everyone is different, but this kind of pain has no understanding unless you have been through it yourself. May God help you if you are not true to your words.

Nancy, as I read your note it impresses me that you might be a self-righteous idiot, though I am not sure. We were silent for two years when the “other side of the story” was broadcast, published, distributed through social media, and exaggerated even further by a well orchestrated whisper campaign. When we would mention the injustice, smug people would respond with “You will have a chance to tell your story one day.” Now that the cameras are gone and the issues that brought such sizzle to the breaking news have been discounted, we tell what we’ve experienced and what we are thinking without the interest of reporters, any financial incentives, or any intention of capitalizing on anyone else’s life’s work, and then you write an audacious notes like this? Thank you for writing. It demonstrates why we must be saved 100% by grace. . . I just re-read your note. I think it might be the stupidest note I’ve ever received, and that’s saying something, because over the last seven years some notably ignorant people have written me.

self-righteous idiot? Really Ted? That was you when you preached against the gay rights bill in Colorado. Seems you have not learned by your mistake. Oh you are still under the guilt. I get it.

Walt, Interesting name calling and reference to history. I don’t recall, nor does any of the thousands of people who heard me speak, ever preaching against any gay rights bill. Could you send me more information on that. I would be interested in knowing if that actually happened and we’ve all forgotten, or if you made this up. Let me know what you find. All of my sermons were recorded and made public through the website, just as they are now at St. James. Thank you for your insight.

Ted, what a beautiful reply you gave. Thank you for responding. With all due respect, I guess you must have forgotten about your 2006 campaign in Colorado supporting “Amendment 43” to the Colorado Constitution, saying marriage is between one man and one woman. You were at the lead of the effort and a vocal opponent of same sex marriage. Do you remember Jesus Camp? Do you remember news interviews during that time? Do you remember private conversations that could have been overheard? I will give you the fact that you never bashed the gays, in public, with name calling like some did but you did preach indicating it was wrong by saying; “it is in the Bible”. That is on tape. I just know figured out why you preached it that way. You did not want to condemn yourself by your own words. Now you are saying gay marriage should be legal (not just gay unions). My point, since you mentioned name calling, is that you elluded to someone they they may be a self-righteous idiot when you acted the same way during your 2006 Amendment 43 war on same sex marriage, while at the same time engaging in behavior that leads to the real meaning of being self-righteous. I re-read your response to Nancy. I believe it is the biggest spin I have read in a while. I also believe it shows the pain you must feel deep down inside. You really are brilliant, however. No to same sex marriage, yes to same sex marriage, just give me a church to preach in. I am just thankful as you said; we are saved 100% by grace, for otherwise you and I would be hopelessly lost for we all have sinned in one way or another. My final point, since you are a pastor again, you need to be careful about posting responses bashing others in a polite way. It is not very becoming of someone in the ministry.

Walt, thank you so much for giving me an opportunity to clarify some facts. I sympathize with your situation knowing that it is difficult to get to the facts with the media as the source. You are wise to go to the primary source. I won’t comment on all the things you raise, but just a few. 1) I have held the same position since Ammendment 2 in 1993 that equality under the law was necessary for all regardless of sexual orientation, which was why I was supportive of the Walta compromise, which was rejected by both sides. I warned Will Perkins, the promoter of Ammendment 2, that even if it passed, it would be overturned by the Supreme Court and provide the legal precedent for the courts to settle this issue rather than the people. That is exactly what has happened, which I think is just. 2) People go to church to learn about the Bible, to Synagogue to learn the Torah, and Mosque to learn the Koran. Just because we teach something biblical in church does not mandate that we believe that biblical teaching should be encoded into civil law. I believe many things that are biblical for my personal life and the life of a believer that I would oppose being added to any civil code of conduct for legal enforcement. 3) In 2006 there were two items on the ballot. One was the definition of marriage and the other would have given equal rights to same sex couples. I was supportive of preserving the traditional definition of marriage, and supportive of same sex couples receiving equal rights and privileges under the law. Since the conservatives have rejected the civil union idea, I now believe we have forfeited that word to include all, and that some legal case will present itself to the Supreme Court and make same sex unions, marriages, legal nation wide. Hope this helps. Blessings!

Ted, you are correct when you say; “it is difficult to get to the facts with the media as the source.” I would also add to that statement, in your defense, that it is difficult to get to the facts with the bias and prejudice that is found within a lot of the “Christian” communities and the distaste (which can be defined as hate) this community demonstrates toward people they judge out of weak faith and personal insecurities.

I was hard on you when I saw your reply to Nancy. I could have used better tact to express my opinions on how you handled the reply since Nancy was obviously in pain when she wrote such a comment. I do not apologize for challenging you on it, however.

I agree with and believe in your truthfulness concerning your response about Amendment 2 and 43 in full. I researched the events of those times and I find your brief explanation concerning this to be quite accurate.

I also know that people go to church to learn about the Bible. I have degrees in theology, psychology and the humanities as well as in the sciences. However, I would disagree with the literal interpretation of the Bible, since we cannot verify the source of the manuscripts we use to translate from, and the fact that the New Testament was written decades after the life of Jesus and probably drawing from some of the Jewish works to validate their writing and the authorship of many of the New Testament books is unknown, and that communities had the scribes change the letters to match their local take on the Christian belief. Having said that, you are wise to take the position that biblical interpretation not be mandated into law and that belief and elucidation of the Bible is a very personal thing. People choose a church based on how well that church’s beliefs line up with their personal believes.

I also believe that the conservatives, in all their bias and misguided tradition, opened the door for same sex marriages which means equality under the law for homosexuals. I think you nailed that one as you masterfully wrote in your response. However, my view is that same sex marriage was the correct way to handle the debate because, if not then all of our freedoms, including religious ones would sooner or later become endangered.

Now this is what I really want to say. I am sure you and your family have been through much pain. For that I am sorry. I challenged you on a snippy defensive response to Nancy with a snippy defensive challenge and you actually responded like I hoped you would, not that it matters what I think for it doesn’t. You dropped your defense and dialog happened. I spend a lot of my time dealing with people who have been damaged by “self-righteous” Christians and that brings out my abhorrence for injustice. That is why I was surprised and even a little stunned by your response to Nancy, though I understand humanity and probably would have written the same thing. Still not apologizing for my challenge to you, I must say that I believe the judgment you have endured by both the media and the Christian community was and is wrong. However, it is hard for me to trust the American Christian culture because of its predisposition, intolerance, bigotry and judgment of people, “who are not like them”. I grouped you into that ethos when I read your retort to Nancy and for that I am sorry.

Peace and Grace be with you and your family.

Nancy, I’m sorry to tell you this…BUT…I have to agree with Pastor Ted here. I read your comment before I read his back to you and my thoughts about your comment were not far off from his. Spiritual arrogance is VERY dangerous…since you have no idea what he & his family have gone through (granted he is responsible for much of this), but it was NOT all just Pastor Ted. Not only that…but the Blood Jesus washes away ALL of our SIN when we repent and ask for forgiveness.

Gale’s book doesn’t have to display pain, grief etc to be authentic and godly…that’s just pain ignorance and show bitterness on your part regarding unfaithfulness. Adultery is NEVER right, but it is forgiveable. Educate yourself more before you comment on matters such as this…Just some food for thought.

Gregg, thank you for writing. I was fearful that I was in a sour disposition. I had been enjoying the day . . . but then I read Nancy’s note. Thank you for confirming that my read was logical instead of the manifestation of a bad disposition on my part.

Pastor Ted,
I am so thankful and grateful for your blog; suicide, evangelism, and sorrow. I will not go into my sordid story, but I KNOW after extensive healing that the Lord “allowed” me to go through the pain and hurt of my past, so that I could minister to others.

In 2006, your story touched me and I prayed a lot for the Lord to be with you and heal your family. There have been a few ministers in my life that have prophesied over me and helped me to grow, but it was you and your story that caused me to build my memorial altar and dedicate all that I am to the Lord’s service as a “Christian Counselor” not simply a counselor that is a Christian.

I am about to graduate with my Master’s from Liberty University in Christian counseling, and every time I tell my testimony, I give you the credit for the change in my path. I will not make the same money as a Christian counselor, and I know I have already received a great deal of heat from many within the church that state my ministry is in opposition to the Word of God, but I will stand firm in the fact that everyone of us is broken and many “Christians” will go to eternity bearing the pain of their past, needlessly. My cry today is that Jesus came to set us free, not keep us in bondage, we as Christians need to be an example and tell others our story of pain and freedom.

Anyway, you are busy and my story is deeper than just a few paragraphs, but please know, you are still influencing lives and I give God the glory for a pastor such as you that can admit he has experienced brokenness and is working on his healing. Thank you for believing in the “call” of counselors. Many blessing to you Pastor Ted. May the Lord bless you and your family indeed.

Pastor Ted
I am a pastor in Asheville, NC. I just finished a series called RESET…as in we do not get a re-do in this life but God is fantastic at bringing a RESET of wholeness, healing and victory….through process. Your journey is a wonderful example of reset. I too resonate that we are all broken people ministering to other broken people.

You are not “THOSE people” while we just have small struggles w brokenness. We are all “THOSE people” so broken and so masked that we offer our lost world nothing more than spiritual pablum that we erroneously call the Gospel. I admit I am just now beginning to understand what the Gospel is after 40 yrs of ministry. Godspeed and blessings on your journey for you and your family! Merry Christmas.



I’m grateful for you. And I’m grateful for this profoundly honest piece; I experienced “amens” chills, and tears. May God bless you and keep you, may He remind you how cherished you are, and may He continue to speak through you.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas surrounded by family and friends that love you.

Hello Ted, as I was reading your blog yesterday I was struck by your honesty. There are so few people willing to actually speak their minds these days. It seems to me that we learn most about people when we are at our worst. I would be curious to know and not from a really judgemental standpoint but after your scandal broke in 2006 how many leaders abandoned you because of their fear of association with you? In other words their ministries would be tarnished or their personal reputations would come under scrutiny if they maintained an association with you? And I say that with an air of sadness I guess but not anger. The disciples abandoned Jesus and He restored them to fellowship, we have a tendency to shoot our christian wounded. It’s just a reality that saddens me but being angry about it gives the enemy a great foothold in our lives so it’s best to let it go. At least that’s the way I look at things. I am not familiar with your childhood trauma issues but I have a history in my childhood of sexual abuse that profoundly affected my life, relationships, and so on. Difficult stuff to say the least. I’m wondering though as I’ve been reading through some of your archives how you’ve eventually squared that up with where you are now? If I didn’t conclude that God allowed that in my childhood with the eventual plan of leading me to Him I think I would have been lost forever. So my question is, overall I suppose, do you feel the same way? You are uniquely qualified to minister to the fallen. We need leaders like you. Sorry to have written long and probably a bit poorly.

Thank you for your blog on this subject. I was raised in church and the son of a pastor as well. Although I felt I was saved I truly came to understand the gospel when my girl friend, now my wife of 14 years told me she was pregnant and I had to tell my parents. My dad did something unexpected that day. As I stood there broken and ashamed he hugged me tighter than he had ever done and said “son I love you, it’s all going to be okay.” It was through that I came to understand God’s love for me and others. I now see myself as one that is truly loved and try to see others in that same way. That to me is what the church needs to give to those who fall and mess up. That’s the heart of the gospel.

Thank you for this article. We have a precious friend who was the Pastor of lst Assembly in Calgary Alberta I grew up with his Mother. His marriage failed this past year and he has been through much pain. Your article should be read by everyone we are all sinners some of our sins are visible like a failed marriage others are hidden. I read your wife’s book it was an amazing story of love and Grace.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Pastor Ted. Spot on and like so many times having listened to you in year’s past I find myself reflecting on grace instead of self-righteousness. And thank you Angela Jeffries for posting Pastor Ted’s article on your website.

Chris Miller says:

I am incredibly inspired by your story of restoration in Christ…even more revelation is on its way to yourself and your family, Ted. I have struggled and been crushed by my alcoholism throughout the years, but recently have been ‘delivered’ (enough?) in the Spirit to experience freedom and envision a brighter future in God’s love. We don’t all have the same circumstances and visible sins…but God’s remedy is the same…new life in Christ Our Saviour from the loving heart of our Heavenly Father! All the best to the Haggard family…

Ephesians 5:14-21


Your blog “Sex, Ducks, and Dignity” was well written and contained a lot of truth. Like me, do you ever wish you could have had that kind of wisdom 20 years ago, 10 years ago, even a year ago?

I wish I knew then what I know now is a song the article brought to my mind. Thanks for writing it.


I am sorry you felt it necessary to tell about the missionary friend who let you use his home. Whatever his reasons it gave you a place to live when you were in a very bad situation as the Bible says some preach Christ for vain glory but at least Christ is being preached. So some people may have reached out to you in your moment of despair and you are right that is not the right motive. However it did provide your family with a place when it was needed. A little lady was praying by her open window and said please Lord send me bread some kids heard her went to the bakery and bought a loaf of bread came back and through it in the window. Then they yelled lady it wasn’t God it was us.
The lady hollered out the window well I will receive it from the Lord even if he uses the devil to deliver it. Your pride that caused you to leave once you found out may have been difficult for your wife and family. I am sure in all our lives we have all dropped names and done things to impress people. I loved your wifes book it was an amazing story of love and forgiveness she is a special lady. Hope this helps you to see it from another point of view.

Just watching a rerun if the wife swap you and your family participated in. What a great family you have. I’m not religious and knew nothing about you but the “scandal”. I judged you based on that and I truly apologize. You and you wife are such nice, funny people who love their kids so incredibly much. I think when people read stories in the media, we forget there are actual people involved; not just characters. Anyway, it was a really, really great episode I very much enjoyed getting to see you and your family. When you quoted Mike Meyers in View From The Top I about died. So funny!

Take care!


Mr. & Mrs. Haggerd, I just finished watching “Celebrity Wife Swap”. It was good to see your marriage stand the test of time. Your relationship wasn’t the old fashion shut up / put up life style. Its such a refreshing picture to see husband & wife stand together and mean it from the heart.

Thank you regarding your site. I am sorry to hear how the media handled you. We have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.

I am proud that you and your family have bounced back.

God bless you and your family

Ted, you write, “I have no fear in pursuing my doubts.” But in another sentence you are bold to say “I have not doubts.” Isn’t it a good thing to doubt, to question one’s own beliefs, to be able to admit there are wrongs and mistakes in one’s life – even to ask God, ‘are you there?’ I would appreciate your feelings on this. Graham

Both are true right now. I have had major doubts, and when I pursue them, I find that Christ and his Word are true. When I observe those who try not to think about their doubt, they end up in an awkward position. By pursuing our doubts, we can honestly settle them, which is what I have done and will probably do more in the future. I am 58, so I will time out on this eventually. lol

Mr. Haggard,

I as an openly gay man have to stay I have admiration that you stand by what you believe. In the beginning of everything that was brought to light, I want to apologize to you for laughing at what I considered another hypocrite and moved on. Tonight I was lying here and came across the documentary of you on HBO. I believe I was born gay. I’ll leave it there.
You have stood by your wife & children and they by you. I respect your decision to be you. A lot of gay men have been hurt by the Christian faith so much that they laugh when Christian is mentioned. I can’t do that. I still believe that God the Father sent his only begotten Son to this Earth to die for the remission of ALL SINS. I pray daily and ask God to help steer me to open my heart to love others and if I see someone struggling to let me help them as much as I can.
For some reason I feel the Spirit compelling me to say we are all children of God. He is a merciful & kind God. I know God loves you. I love you in Christ. I pray for God to bless you & your family. God will you intercede and help my Brother in Christ. I don’t know your situation now but look up to God, he has stood by you and why would he forsake you now? I hope God blesses you with a happy & healthy life.

In Jesus name, Amen.

Ted, I just watched a documentary about your journey after you were dismissed from your church in Colorado City. I am so sorry for what your family went through. I was surprised and disappointed about how your friends and church leadership responded to your difficult situation. I wanted them to stand with you and offer you the love and support you needed and deserved. I am not a conservative christian–actually I am searching for a christian church after being a Buddhist for many years. I want you to know that I see such a difference in the pastor you were before your banishment and the one you are now. What a thoughtful, compassionate man you seem to have become. I think you could have grown to become a strong and kind christian without the pain you and your family walked through. Blessings to you and your family,

Pastor Ted,
My wife and I watched “The Trials of Ted Haggard” for the second time, and we were curious to see what you were up to these days. I am glad to see you have a blog. I’ve read a few posts and really like it.

We were blessed by the documentary, and its clear from the reviews on Amazon that non-Christians are hearing the gospel loud and clear in your story. Go read the reviews. Unbelievers are literally preaching the Gospel right there in the comments section!

Ted, Are you aware that there are people out there torturing innocent children? Mothers that are liberal and refusing to live properly. I’m a normal overachiever that was horrifically abused by their parents. Both of them are too loose with their words, their behaviour, and their morals. Is there anyone out there that believes that a virgin should be allowed to date with the intention of marrying another virgin? Is there anyone out there that has studied medical science and understands that psychiatry is a government scam to hurt people? Poor people that have no family, usually go. Did you all know that? That someone who is an overachiever, with all A’s in school, a completely amazingly behaved child… can be almost killed by their mother… over politics/religion. My mom loves abortions and hates me: a Godly angel of sorts. I look like a supermodel when I am allowed to eat salmon. And I was not supposed to be tortured physically, sexually or mentally growing up. I should be able to get on a stage and tell my story and rat out the liars. There’s no excuse for abducting normal people. There’s no excuse for raping or robbing the good girl. There’s no excuse for that. Our culture is de-sensitised. It doesnt matter if you have millions or are barely scraping by in a trailer park…. the States is a complete mess because of LACK OF EMPATHY. Apathy is unacceptable. Witch craft and lying IS NOT OKAY. It’s not okay to lie and hurt people. It’s not okay to act like a retard and judge. The smartest most evolved people, with the biggest hearts need to be respected.

I call a war….. between the people who have character and people that dont. You either are a good person or a bad person. No one is perfect… but if you listen to hip hop and heavy metal… if you are running people over in your head all day because of retarded video games.. If you are touching anyone and everyone …. forcing yourself on anyone and every one you meet sexually… if you are fumbling around in a uniform raping people….. malpracticing….. forcing people to take meds.. paralysing innocent children.. then you are worthy of hell… IN THIS LIFE and the next.

You are either a winner or a loser. Orientation and skin colour DO NOT MATTER AT THIS POINT. It’s about how someone is THINKING AND LIVING. It is unacceptable behaviour to practice witch craft all day. It’s a fraud

Thanks for your words. Glad you are still working for the kingdom, Pastor Ted. We always loved you and thought you had great ministry and family.

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