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On Being Stable

Do you want to strengthen your family? Do you want to be a pillar in your community? Do you want to be at peace? Do this . . . . .

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The Thirteen Folds

If you’ve attended a funeral honoring a veteran who served our country, perhaps you witnessed the folding of the flag that once covered the casket of a loved one. Each of the 13 folds of the flag holds great significance.

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On this Thanksgiving Day, I wanted to remind you that there are natural benefits available to everyone who is thankful.

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Elections and Wisdom in Our Great Country

Though some elections go my way and others don’t, I have learned that as long as they are free and fair, the right person ends up in the right place most of the time. And when we elect the wrong person, our constitutional system of checks and balances works just fine.

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How Much Are You Worth?

The development of self-driving vehicles has required that we write algorithms to determine who will be protected in an accident: Humans over animals? Young people over the elderly? Females over males? Pedestrians over passengers?

It makes us question: what are we worth?

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Is Water Baptism Relevant to Your Eternal Life?

John the Baptist was saying that we all need to turn from the evil that is within us and seek God’s goodness in order for our own hearts to be transformed. Our human goodness is insufficient, even if we express our goodness by trying to please God. As every student of history knows, human attempts at goodness in the name of God often result in horrific tragedy.

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Will Only Those “In Christ” Be Resurrected?

We human beings never cease to exist. Instead, we all will continue exist past our initial death, so we should understand that the quality of our everlasting life will be decided according to our actions that reflect our relationship with Christ or our actions that reflect no relationship with him.

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